Progress Learning Centre


It’s simple! At Progress Learning Centre, we provide a unique and comprehensive tuition and childcare service. Our blended approach allows parents to choose between educational support, enrichment activities, or even a chance for their child to relax and unwind. With us, you are in control of what activities your child takes part in during their sessions.

Childcare funding may be available for eligible households.


At Progress Learning Centre, our commitment is to deliver the highest quality service, primarily focusing on the safety and well-being of every child entrusted to our care. We are unwavering in our dedication to collaborating closely with parents and professionals, fostering a harmonious learning community where everyone works together. Our mission is clear: to boost children’s confidence and equip them with the essential skills needed to excel academically, all while striving for ongoing improvement and remarkable progress in their grades.

We specialize in key areas like English; Language, Literature, Writing and reading. We also cover Maths; Mental maths, Arithmetic’s , reasoning. In addition to this we cater for thos who wish to learn Science: Chemistry, Physics and Biology. All subjects and topics are taught from KS1 level all the way up to GCSE covering both SATs and GCSE exam. Our tutoring model ensures that your child receives the best support and guidance. Together, we cultivate a nurturing environment where each child’s unique potential is realized, empowering them to confidently embrace their future and set a course for success.


Maths, English, Science

Primary & Secondary

SATs, GCSE, 11+

Qualified Teachers

Top Quality Resources

Small Group Sizes Classes